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Our Story

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Cultivating Wellness Through Nature

Hello Kings and Queens, my name is Tiana. I am the founder and owner of Soul of Melanin. I am a Brooklyn woman who dreams big. Spirituality is a part of my everyday life and has carried me through my journey of being the woman and mother I am today. Trust, I have a story like no other, and I wanted to share with everyday women and men that we can be busy, hardworking, and still be well rounded and whole mentally and spiritually. 
I have a passion for healing and positive energy, and every person I contact is my inspiration. Creating this brand's vision and purpose is to show the world what has bought me this far in my journey. I believe in this brand and am very proud. That is why

Soul of Melanin was created. 

Soul of Melanin has been in the process for over a year with research and product testing. Soul of Melanin took on new energy in May 2020 after suffering a miscarriage. The womb collection came to life because I needed to share the knowledge I have gained as women, especially women of color, are misinformed about our bodies. I have now moved on to creating a full line of products for men and children of color; I am proud to say what you see here is only the beginning. 

The goal is not to sell products but to speak and motivate people like me who dream but want to tap into their purpose because we all have one. It truly warms my heart to show my daughter and people of all ages that they can create a lane of their own.
Soul of Melanin is very dear to my heart, and I'm dedicated to serving all of you lovely Kings and Queens with exceptional customer service and excellent products. Please follow me on my journey as I continue to create products that work for us. 

Tiana K.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a practice with many perspectives. It is a sacred connection to something bigger than you. For some, spirituality means a belief in God. Others may associate spirituality with Astrology, healing, or expansion of consciousness. No matter your definition there is no wrong answer.  

Many people see spirituality as a gateway to seek comfort and peace in their life. However, everyone's spiritual journey is unique. You first recognize that healing is needed in a particular area of your life and your heart becomes ready to open itself for the journey. 

During your journey, you recognize that you have a bigger purpose and discover ways of coping with the change of everyday life. Spirituality is a personal life path and each person will experience different outcomes. The most important thing to remember is permitting yourself to explore different practices to help keep you grounded and centered.

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” – Buddha

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