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Align with your higher self.

Spiritual Healing. Wellness. Feel the Vibe.

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and Nourishing

Your body is the portal to your spiritual growth. Honor yourself through self-love by getting in tune with your needs.

Milk Bath

Calming and Balancing

Vaginal wellness (V-Steaming) has been done for centuries to cleanse the vagina and uterus and to help regulate menstruation, infertility, infections, and hormone imbalance.

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Womb Care

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Bundle Deals



understanding your spiritual needs

Exploring your spiritual needs is an amazingly unique journey for each human being. Spirituality connects you to something beyond yourself. The journey opens you to understanding and relating to the universe and higher power. Give yourself permission to explore different practices to help keep you grounded and centered.

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“I stumbled across Soul of Melanin two months ago, and I'm so glad that I did. Using their products helps me to follow my path of being grounded and at peace!”

MIA, New York

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